Day 36 – As Above

Spent the weekend reading Paul Klee again and was taken with the idea that if you are going to engage in abstraction, you have an opportunity to explore the idea of drawing not only what can be seen, but what is hidden. By thinking about this, you can bring in what Klee regards as the … Continue reading Day 36 – As Above

Day 33 – Wandering Third

Yesterday, I completed DUCA and my Instagram friends have shared lots of lovely support and encouragement with that experiment. I’ve also met some other artists working with the concept of repetition and grids over the past few days, and that’s been fun too. The title of this post refers to the fact that I am … Continue reading Day 33 – Wandering Third

Day 28 -Moving Lines

Had a few doodles in my head after spending the weekend reading more Paul Klee. The emerging theme in this project for me is about repetition. You probably spotted that already. I’ve been warned that a crisis of inspiration is looming in the next week or so of the 100 Days. One participant I’m following … Continue reading Day 28 -Moving Lines

Day 22 – Un Finished

Finished up yesterday’s picture, “un-titled”. The picture is riffing on u and n letterforms, making for a very witty title if I do say so myself. If I can’t crack myself up with my own project, then what, I ask you, is the point? What I’m enjoying about this drawing is thinking about expression of … Continue reading Day 22 – Un Finished