Day 33 – Wandering Third

Yesterday, I completed DUCA and my Instagram friends have shared lots of lovely support and encouragement with that experiment. I’ve also met some other artists working with the concept of repetition and grids over the past few days, and that’s been fun too. The title of this post refers to the fact that I am … Continue reading Day 33 – Wandering Third

Day 29 – Wiggly Grid

Today I decided to complete the Bat Biscuits grid and I’m kind of happy with how it turned out actually. I want to take this in some other directions and do some other iterations, but I feel like I’ve strayed from my original project idea which was to study the compositions of artists I really … Continue reading Day 29 – Wiggly Grid

Day 24 – Hackney Knight

Rose to my own challenge to change pens, which was easy because I fell down the rabbit hole of Tom Hackney‘s exhibition Corresponding Squares at the World Chess Hall of Fame. This show is about the chess games of Marcel Duchamp and I was particularly invigorated by Chess Painting No. 88 (Vajda vs. Duchamp, Nice, … Continue reading Day 24 – Hackney Knight